Spring Cleaning for Your Car

Spring has sprung and it’s time for spring cleaning. We clean our houses, clean out closets and donate old clothes, have garage sales and complete a thorough tidy up, but don’t afford the same time and care to our cars. This spring, give your car some love and the thorough cleaning it needs to stay

Packing a car for holiday traveling

How to Prepare for Holiday Traveling

Thinking about heading home or planning a family getaway for the holidays? Being surrounded by your family and friends is the perfect way to celebrate the season. Just make sure to prepare yourself and your vehicle for the road trip ahead. Here are some helpful tips and ideas to consider before even leaving your driveway

Common Car Maintenance Mistakes

As cars get newer and better, your maintenance costs get few and far between. This means that it’s even more important to keep your car maintenance up to date. Check out these common car mistakes that can cost you money in the long run. Ignoring the check engine light It’s natural to want to ignore

Emergency Car Supplies

What To Pack In An Emergency Kit

Always Be Prepared. That’s a phrase that can apply to any part of your life…including the use and continual maintenance of your vehicle. Just like we must have tools on hand to fix small leaks or cracks in our home, we must be just as prepared to fix things that may go wrong while on

Holiday Giving: Toys For Tots 2015

Seeing a child receiving a new present on Christmas brings an immediate smile to our faces! This is why Auto One Complete Car Care is proud to partner with the team at Dave’s Ultimate Automotive to donate Toys For Tots! Our Goal: Donate 1,000 toys to the Austin area Toys For Tots! What is Toys